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First entry in this community. So, why another community? Well, ichthy and red20 and I were munching bacon and wondered how we could establish a name for dirty bacon. It cannot merely be bacon. Bacon sounds too dull, and furthermore, how would one distinguish such filthy slimy rashers from the more wholesome organic variety? Camel Bacon is the greasy thick bacon, consisting mainly of fat, and removed from unhealthly herds of pigs on poor unsavoury farms across the UK. It is sold cheap, sometimes smoked, but generally any flavour is outweighed by the sickly sticky fat, which coats ones tongue and provides insulation in the mouth for hours.
But enough of that for now!

However, this community is not merely for relaying instances of eating such dirty meat, it is also for discussing Sheffield suburbs (although not the buses as such, owl_sausage serves that purpose). You can also talk about camels, and if you think they would be suitable as a primary method of transport in Sheffield. Imagine a camel wandering from the Fir Vale to Waterthorpe, a leisurely stroll through woodland and little paths, avoiding the traffic of the main roads...

Anyway, I shall stop rambling now and let you post your own thoughts.
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